Powerloc Bicycle locks

The bicycle lock should protect the bicycle and its parts from theft. Our Powerlocs were designed with the highest demands on break-in security and user-friendliness. Thus, we offer a wide range of different bicycle lock models in our PowerLoc family. Our PoweLocs also have security reversible keys that can be inserted in both directions. With the PowerLocs, we rely on well thought-out technologies that put strong obstacles in the way of both skilful and brutal action by thieves: our X2-Power technology with the double locking bolt and even X4-Power with four bolts on some models. The BumpBlock-M lock cylinder is our precision lock cylinder encapsulated in steel, which protects the lock against drilling, tearing out and attempted impact. No matter if U-lock, chain lock or cable lock – with the PowerLocs we rely on the hardest materials in the core and an intelligent combination of different layers to ensure maximum break-open security. For example, our chain locks with links made of hardened special steel and a sheath made of robust nylon.