CONTEC Children’s Helmets

Our CONTEC children’s helmet collection offers protection for the smallest cyclists and reliably accompanies them on their first metres on the bike. No matter whether as a passenger in the child seat or active themselves on their own running bike and children’s bike. CONTEC offers a range of different designs to inspire children. Whether as a policeman with “Lil Harry”, as a fireman “Lil Reddy” or with lots of stars and pink with “Starlet” and with a magical fairy as “Tinkerella”, every child will find a beautiful design.

A visor integrated into the children’s helmet protects the sensitive eyes of the children from direct sunlight. The helmet shell, made using the Outmold process with EPS inner part and upper polycarbonate shell, has 11 ventilation openings for plenty of cooling for the head and a comfortable feel, so that children don’t lose their desire to wear a helmet. An anti-insect mesh prevents flies, bees and bumblebees from entering the helmet and prevents unpleasant encounters with stinging insects. An LED rear light at the back of the head ensures optimum visibility and additional protection in the dark.