Bicycle locks

Just a quick purchase in the shop, and thieves may have already appropriated the bicycle. Around 1000 bicycle thefts are counted every day in Germany. With a bike lock from CONTEC, every cyclist can protect their bike against unwelcome theft.

The bicycle lock collection from CONTEC includes bicycle locks with different levels of security and different designs for individual security requirements. Whether U-lock, spiral cable lock, cable lock or armoured cable lock, with security key or practical combination lock, at CONTEC we offer the right bicycle lock for every use. This makes a CONTEC bike lock the ideal accessory for every passionate cyclist who wants to protect their bike from theft.

The CONTEC security levels are an orientation aid when deciding on the right bicycle lock and are divided into the different classes for a better overview. In this subdivision, the levels differ in various security features such as shackle thickness, material, cable diameter, locking and cylinder technology.