A contact person in every region

landkarteContec sales managers

Hermann Hartje KG has strengthened its field sales team for you. In order to meet the expectations of our own brand CONTEC both from a sales perspective and on site at the point of sale, we present our CONTEC sales managers (CSM).

With us:

  • Optimized start equipment
  • Set-up at point of sale
  • Labelling
  • Optimization over time
  • Individual development
Your benefits:

  • Personal contacts
  • Personal consultation
  • Customized planning
  • Implementation
  • Check

CSM North – Thorsten Schiller
Sales regions: Kiel, Hamburg, Potsdam
Mobile: 0 1 51 – 53 808 576
Mail: thorsten.schiller@hartje.de

CSM Northwest – Heiko Stephanidis-Hengehold
Sales regions: Hoya, Bielefeld
Mobile: 0 1 51 – 53 808 650
Mail: heiko.stephanidis@hartje.de

CSM West – Michel Hendrix
Sales regions: Köln, Gelsenkirchen
Mobile: 0 1 51 – 53 808 438
Mail: michel.hendrix@hartje.de

CSM Southwest – Yvonne Fiedler
Sales regions: Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Bielefeld
Mobile: 0 1 51 – 53 808 439
Mail: yvonne.fiedler@hartje.de

CSM South – Günter Albrecht
Sales regions: Augsburg, Heidelberg, Göppingen, Nürnberg
Mobile: 0 1 51 – 53 808 572
Mail: guenter.albrecht@hartje.de

CSM East – Heike Darnstedt
Sales regions: Potsdam, Leipzig, Ochtmersleben, Nürnberg
Mobile: 0 1 51 –  53 808 573
Mail: heike.darnstedt@hartje.de

CSM BeNeLux – Marco Smeets
Sales regions: Niederlande, Belgien
Mobile: +31 655 / 128328
Mail: marco.smeets@hartje.de

CSM Austria – Urban Lang
Sales region: Österreich
Mobile: +43 664 / 194 4252
Mail: urban.lang@hartje.de


CONTEC is the leading P&A shop system for IBDs in Germany. The brand is owned 100% by Hermann Hartje KG. The mission of CONTEC is to build high quality bicycle parts for every cyclist, that appeal equally to the daily commuter as to the performance-oriented road or mountain biker. We relentlessly develop and improve our product range to give people a better cycling experience.

Together with you our mission is to grow CONTEC into Europe´s leading cycling parts and accessory brand.

The following information are an overview for all interested bicycle retailers in Europe.

To start a successful business partnership please provide us with the following information of your company:

  • invoice and delivery address
  • copy of your business registration
  • your tax file number
  • Homepage, information about your company

Please send all information via e-mail to export@hartje.de

For interested retailers from Non-EU countries: We are sorry to inform you that we currently are not able to distribute CONTEC products outside of the EU. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.