About the parts & accessoiries brand CONTEC

If you walk into a bicycle store in Germany, Austria or Benelux, there’s a good chance that you will find CONTEC products. A value driven, fast growing parts & accessories brand hailing from Germany. Their own shop-in-shop system makes sure you’ll notice their blue and white logo. Beyond that logo you will find pretty much anything you can upgrade or maintain your bike with.

“We take care of all the little and big things around the bike and the ride”, the brand says about itself. CONTEC products are designed to make your next ride feel better than your last one. Whether you’re looking for technical upgrades, want to give your bike that individual custom touch or just do some servicing to keep it working and well maintained – it’s certainly not the size of the CONTEC product portfolio that holds you back.

CONTEC - Professi
CONTEC - Professional Bike Components

CONTEC started in 2005 with a relatively small selection of bicycle parts in less than 10 categories. Today it has grown into one of Europe’s largest P&A brands with more than 2.200 articles in more than 26 categories. For bicycle dealers, the CONTEC shop-in-shop system comes in handy, which can be set up in exactly the right size a shop needs.

The brand focuses on value, quality, usability and design. Over the years, CONTEC had developed the solid reputation of meeting the needs of virtually every kind of bike rider: whether easy going weekend riders, e-bikers, mountain bikers, road cyclists or urban commuters putting in the miles every day.

For example, if you find your luck on twisted single-tracks in the mountains, CONTEC offers the “Drop A Gogo” dropper post. It’s cable actuated piston system provides up to 170mm of travel. It also comes prepared for external or internal cable routing with two different levers. CONTEC has mtb riders covered whether they’ve got one or two shifters on the handlebars, no need to worry about compatibility issues – which is typical for the brand.

Urban riders like an extra bit of style just like any other enthusiast rider. Couple this with reliable performance and you have the CONTEC “Quick Ace Select” pedal. It offers high grip no matter what, thanks to its sandpaper grip plate. The CNC-machined, anodized aluminium body and the CrMo-steel axle with sealed bearings provide stylish looks, great longevity and low weight. And they’re a perfect example to demonstrate the 8 aluminium anodizing colours CONTEC works with.

Just mix and match and give your bike a unique look: The colourful “Select” series components are well in place on
sporty rides as well as urban lifestyle bikes. You can match the colours of lots of components, like handlebars, stem, grips and pedals right up to small details like spacers, seat collars and pedal pins. But there’s also the“Classic Exclusiv” collection with high-class leather saddles and grips for example – coloured black, brown or honey – which make a vintage-styled bike stand out from the crowd.

CONTEC - Professional Bike Components
CONTEC - Professional Bike Components

With the “Neo” series on the other hand, CONTEC meets lower price points but combines cool colourful looks with impressive function and reliability. For example, you will find the same pedal shape like in the “Select” series here, but made of synthetic material and in the typical Neo-colours blue, red, yellow, green, black and grey.

If you’re a daily commuter or weekend traveller, CONTEC has multiple solutions to carry your stuff in store. There’s the “Trucker” carrier collection for example, and a vast range of bags/panniers for all kinds of needs. A fine example that protects your gear from the elements are the “Double Waterproof” rolltop bags with 40l capacity and easy-to-use mounting solutions for either Racktime or AVS carrier systems. Other bags offer besides Racktime and AVS also the MIK system or the fast buckle fixation.

Besides all that, CONTEC has a broad assortment of tools and products for maintenance so customers can accomplish basic servicing by themselves. With the affordable CONTEC line of do-it-yourself tools, replacing parts and a worn chain can be taken care of within minutes. And if you need to work on your bike on the go, multi tools like the “Ten-A-Gogo”, one of the smallest and most easy to carry multitools on the market, help get the job done.

Thanks to its value oriented philosophy coupled with great looks and reliability, CONTEC has built a very strong base in the countries where it’s currently being distributed. The brand is now ready to meet customers in bicycle shops in many more countries.

CONTEC - Professional Bike Components